NABCAP prides itself in creating an industry standard of excellence. It is vital to have mutually aligned relationships with the media in order for our organization to have long-term success.

Publications and educational institutions on local, regional and national levels will have exclusive publishing rights to our results. The rankings will be aligned with publications that promote top quality advisory practices to their readers.

Financial advisors have been ranked in the past by various publications. Unfortunately, they primarily use information such as Assets Under Management (A.U.M.), revenues generated and advisor regulatory history (U4) as their criteria. Our question remains: How does this serve the investing public's needs and interests?

Our ranking system is distinguishably different than those used today. NABCAP's board certified process is unaffiliated, unbiased, objective and verifiable by multiple sources. This ensures our results are comprehensive and reliable for the investing public.

The media and educational institutions help NABCAP by: