Investors and the public

INVESTOR Key elements

"Only 2% of investors with more than $1 million in investable assets plan to recommend their firm to other investors." 

~ Tiburon report Current Events: Making Sense of The Impacts

One of the key elements of the analysis and assessment process of advisory practices is determining the average client portfolio size. This analysis benefits both investors and advisory practices by creating a win-win scenario: Investors desire to have the best quality advice and service by becoming one of their advisor's top tier clients.  Most advisors dedicate their time and attention to their largest relationships, adhering to the 80/20 rule (80% of revenues are generated by the top 20% of clients). 

We utilize a variety of publications locally, regionally and nationally to help the investing public find highly qualified financial advisory practices that have completed our rigorous standards process. Some of the pertinent advisory characteristics we provide include:

We are helping to establish an industry standard of excellence that investors can trust, and over time will help restore confidence in the financial services industry. We encourage investors to ask their advisory practices to go through NABCAP's rank and review process.