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NABCAP's Methodology

The primary focus of our Board of Directors is to serve the needs of the investing public. Our multi-step verification process utilizes independent resources to objectively account for the accuracy and consistency of advisory practices, some information digitally processed using our custom application developed by Comprehensively evaluating and validating twenty categories within a financial advisory practice distinguishes our process. NABCAP's methodology is unique in deciphering advisors because it is primarily objective not subjective. The Board's attention is centered on investor's financial needs and an advisory practice's probability to service those needs. Both investors and advisors can now rely on a trusted standard of excellence to help guide them within the Financial Services Industry.

Participating practices may be published and will be compared versus their peers locally, regionally and nationally. Distinguishing characteristics of an advisory practice will include in part, though not exclusively:

  • Mass Affluent or High Net Worth practice
  • Team dynamics- who comprises the team
  • Years of experience
  • Credentials/Designations
  • Minimum investable assets to become a new client
  • Planning philosophy
  • Investment philosophy
  • Risk philosophy
  • Typical percentage of Alternative Investment ownership
  • Fee/Cost structure
  • Customer service Model
  • U4/ADV status

Through our process the investing public will clearly identify your practice's specialties and how you excel. NABCAP strives to create a platform and process through which transparency becomes both the expectation and the industry standard. The investing public requires advisory practices to be in line with their needs and goals.

The Advisory Practice Rank and Review Process: NABCAP & RPA

The Board of Directors elected to preserve the interests of our process of reviewing and ranking Financial Advisory Practices. To accomplish this, NABCAP must have a clear separation from outside influences. We carefully considered why separation is vital to our long-term viability and success.

The following are taken into consideration in order to preserve our "Black Box" approach:

  1. Discrimination - Including but not limited to age, gender and ethnicity.
  2. Team Structure - Regardless of how your practice operates, in terms of personnel, your practice will be evaluated on their merits.
  3. Firm Association - We treat all participants equally, without regards to which channel of operations they have chosen or its size.
    (National or Regional wirehouses, Banking, Insurance, R.I.A., Independent, etc.)
  4. Revenues- The amount of sales a Financial Advisor generates is an irrelevant determining factor for who the best overall practice managers are, higher revenues do not necessarily benefit the Investor.
  5. A.U.M.- A practice's assets can be stated in multiple ways and ultimately can be misleading. To the best of NABCAP's abilities we assure results are clear and concise.

NABCAP has established a long-term contract with RPA to facilitate, administer and implement our process. We require strict assurances from RPA that all information provided by Financial Advisors is utilized solely for the purpose of educating the investing public, and not for solicitation purposes. All the information collected is the property of NABCAP.

Participate in Review Process

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