Ask the average investor about their experiences within the financial services industry and the shortcomings quickly become apparent. Our research found a gaping disparity between what investors want from their financial advisor and what they have been receiving. As for investors, uncovering the best, overall advisory practice is like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. By delivering limited, indifferent successes for their clients along with less than fully satisfied relationships, individual financial advisors and the industry itself are left with a tarnished reputation.

Our unaffiliated nonprofit organization has emerged as the best approach to conquer the daunting challenge of reforming the public’s perception of the industry and its professional membership. The Board of Directors have developed a formula whereby the highest probability of an investor’s long-term success could be paired with the best overall advisory practices. Separating and distinguishing worthy practitioners from the industry’s sea of advisors is a solution with merit. The difficulty lies in the clear necessity for absolute transparency in an industry where transparency rarely exists. To achieve this, the Board’s process must be unbiased and unaffiliated or otherwise known as a “black box” process. We have developed this process identifying the top 20 categories necessary to operate a quality financial advisory practice. Advisor excellence is one of our primary goals. We can verify, by multiple sources, that excellence is not merely defined by Assets Under Management (A.U.M.) or revenues produced.

The investing public and advisors require a reliable, independent resource to provide clarity to their financial decisions. Many of the financial resources that are available are intended to increase sales not placing the investor’s needs first. How is an investor expected to navigate through the industry noise?

Thus, NABCAP was formed. And while we know there isn’t a perfect solution, we are committed to providing higher standards and transparency to an industry that is vital to the long-term success of the investing public.